It Smells Like my Room : ये कमरा मेरा है

सब यूं ही फैला रहने दो, ये कमरा मेरा है

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This poem is everybody’s inner voice…. The Core thought is – Do not Disturb, its my balance, its my type of life, its my room, my habits, my desires… I am comfortable with this nudity of my inner thoughts.. there has to be a corner in this world which smells like me, thats why i am here.


Poem in English and Hindi
Taken from bilingual poem collection ‘Poetic Buddha’ by Siddharth

गुंचामेरीख्वाहिशोंका, उड़ानमेरी

निढाल हो, या नाचे काया मेरी

उतरन, सलवटें, अधजले ख़्वाब

चाय एक प्याली, झोंका भर नींद मेरी

मेरी ज़िद, मेरा गुमान

वो मेरे होने की बू

मेरा नंगापन

सब यूं ही फैला रहने दो

ये कमरा मेरा है


International Version

There is a window of possibilities

There is a lamp which welcomes me

Everytime i enter my room

Some half read books

Some half hearted efforts

Some half written poems

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