Core Thought : Jealousy is like a cemetery in your mind. This poem is a sketch of basic human tendencies. कई बार चिठ्ठियां त्वचा में… read more






Most of the times Sadness of soul is expressed in beauty of things


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Hello World,

My Name is Siddharth Tripathi  or *SidTree and I’m a Writer, Poet, Journalist, iOS Developer, an Avid Reader & Microscopic Observer.

I am Founder of It is an Internet Based Project for forging Arts & Technology. This is a way to create some very unique content with the help of Tablets or Phones. I’m trying to capture Essence of Life & World around us in Digital format.

Moreover, I Create India Most Loved News Analysis Show – DNA (Daily News & Analysis) on Weekdays 9pm @ZeeNews

& One More Thing… iPad is TM of Apple, I just create content on it and publicly accept it.

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