A Poem that says a lot of things through that fancy Necktie. Its something which holds me, you, our individuality, our Melancholy. Read this poem and… read more






If I could live for another fifteen years, I could surpass everything else I’d ever done. —Walt Disney, 1966, days before his death


2014 Kavi on ipad FB

2014 Kavi on ipad Final


Hello World,

I’m a Writer, Poet, Journalist & iOS Developer, trying to Forge Arts & Technology, trying to capture Essence of Life & World around me in Digital format. I hope you would like the result of this Fusion. Moreover, I Create Daily News & Analysis (DNA) on Weekdays 9pm @ZeeNews – You can Say that I am Earning Bread Butter & Gyaan by being a TV Journalist in World’s Largest Democracy, India (since 2000 AD).

& One More Thing…

iPad is TM of Apple, I just create content on it and publicly accept it.


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